Validating commending and celebrating accomplishments

22-Jul-2017 10:40

For the first few years of Insight Squared, this was the way deals were celebrated.Gonging became a rite of passage for new reps, and the rest of the company always looked forward to that suspense-building slow clap. Once our sales team got to a certain size, it became impossible to celebrate every single deal this way."Going out for ice cream or a special meal after a good report card or musical performance or some other achievement is a way of celebrating children's hard work and persistence," Donahue says.Praising your kids is an important part of building their self-esteem and confidence.If praise is sincere and genuine and focused on the effort not the outcome, you can give it as often as your child does something that warrants a verbal reward."We should especially recognize our children's efforts to push themselves and work hard to achieve a goal," says Donahue, author of Parenting Without Fear: Letting Go of Worry and Focusing on What Really Matters."I believe that we want children who are self-motivated," Berman says.

It also tells them that you know the difference between when they work hard at something and when it comes easy. Praise children for their effort and hard work, not for their inherent talents.

Here are some real-life examples from the experts that demonstrate the praise fitting the accomplishment: When your child does make that special effort that deserves praise, you can certainly dish it out as you see fit.

But one no-no that experts agree should be avoided at all costs is praising with cold, hard cash.

We had enough reps closing deals that we couldn’t realistically gather to applaud each one.

And we opened a new office across the country, which made it logistically difficult (to say the least) to get everyone together to watch a new deal get gonged. Gonging every deal was out of the question, but stopping deal celebrations all together seemed even less enticing.

"Parents and grandparents are, of course, going to indulge in some of this, and that is OK.